Entrance examination and admission guide

Application guidelines for admission in April 2023 are posted here.
Please see student application guidelines for details on the entrance examination (download the file below).

Admission to the doctoral course at the Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Kagoshima University, in April 2023

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※When applying, please be sure to request application guidelines by mail (or they will be distributed by the Student Affairs Department of the Agriculture/Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) and submit the attached application form.
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【The Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine】

  • 4-year doctoral degree course
  • Composed of two 2-year courses (Veterinary Medicine course, Veterinary Specialist course)
  • Admission capacity:six people

【Characteristics of Education】

The Veterinary Medicine Major is set up in this doctoral program and the following courses are established.
For those who completed the course of this graduate course, a doctoral degree (veterinary medicine) is awarded.

1) Veterinary science Course

The Veterinary Science Course aims to cultivate advanced researchers who will employ European and American standards to shape the next generation of Japanese veterinary medical education. To this end, the Veterinary Science Course includes advanced research components in basic veterinary medicine, applied veterinary medicine, and clinical veterinary medicine. Graduate students are required to prepare doctoral dissertations in these areas.

2) Veterinary specialization Course

The Veterinary Specialization Course aims to cultivate specialists in experimental animal medicine involved in the health and welfare of experimental animals, advanced-level veterinary medical specialists including specialist pathologists working on disease control through pathological diagnosis, as well as leaders in the field of cutting-edge animal medicine. Graduate students of the Veterinary Specialization Course are required to prepare doctoral dissertations in areas of advanced veterinary medicine.

○Students who have completed the specialist veterinary course can obtain the following qualifications for entrance examinations, along with a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine.

  • Qualification for the examination for laboratory animal specialist veterinarian (veterinarians only)
  • Qualification for the examination for membership in the Japanese College of Veterinary Pathologists
  • Qualification for participation in the resident program (3-6 years) for the entrance examination for the Japan Small Animal Surgery Specialist Association
This course provides educational support for students to obtain qualifications as a specialist veterinarian, etc. Please see details of the support here.